ENGIE Cloud Community Logo

Logo design from June 2019.

Client : D2SI
Final client: ENGIE

Project brief: D2SI worked on an internal program around the cloud technologies and digital transformation for ENGIE. As part of this program, they created a community of cloud users in ENGIE, as an open place to share experience and best practices about the Cloud. The values of the community are sharing, mutual aid, fun, friendliness, transparency, transversality, trust, freedom of expression and the will to exceed silos and hierarchy.
My role in building this community was to animate a visual identity workshop, in which we designed a moodboard collaboratively with the community first members, and to create the community’s logo and identity based on that moodboard and on the outcomes of the workshop. I produced different logo concepts, reworked the final logo, created an identity guidelines document, a sticker, a pattern and a Powerpoint template.

ENGIE Cloud Community Logo design process

ENGIE Cloud Community Logo

ENGIE Cloud Community Identity  ENGIE Cloud Community Powerpoint template design