Vert et Filles

Client work from August 2018. Client brief: Vert et Filles is a small french brand of handmade jewels and accessories. The name means “Green and Girls” in french, as she started out that adventure with her daughters. The mandatory elements to include in the branding were greenery and the Kristen ITC font. The logo includes multiple little leaves that evoke the earrings and other small accessories from the brand. The typo has a purplish grey color to balance all the green, as a complementary color.
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MGM Fusion project logo

Logo design from March 2016. Project brief: Logo for an internal project in a company – for internal use only. The project was about the fusion of several units of the company and had to communicate the key concepts of fusion, regrouping, synergies, efficiency, simplicity, scale, change, evolution, growth. They were not settled on the name MGM or MARVEL yet for the program.
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